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DCM11 GVD 650-1050 nm


The "DCM11" is a GVD mirror pair specially designed for OPCPA compression. This mirror type covers a wide wavelength range of 650-1050 nm while offering a large dispersion of -120 fs2 /pair at the centre wavelength of 850 nm.

These mirrors are specially designed to recompress the output of the venteon OPCPA after passing through several millimeters of glass and BBO which is typically chirping the pulse to a few ps in OPCPA applications. As the higher orders are designed in an appropriate way, these chirped pulses can be recompressed to well below 8 fs with high efficiency. The large rectangular size is ideally suited for a compact multi-bounce compressor design.


  • Wavelength range: 650-1050 nm
  • Coating side 1: HR > 99.5% @ 650 - 1050 nm, GDD -120 fs² / pair @ 850 nm
  • Substrate: Fused Silica, 
  • Dimensions: o Rectangular - 35 x 20 mm | thickness: 10 mm
  • ROC: flat
  • AOI: 0-10 °

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