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DCM10 GVD 500-825 nm


The "DCM10" is a broadband (500-825 nm) dispersion compensating mirror pair designed for the compensation of the positive dispersion caused by fused silica like material. The wavelength range suits femtosecond applications using few-cycle pulses generated by hollow core fibers or filamentation.

The unique pair design enables to achieve a reflectivity greater than 99.5% over the whole supported spectral bandwidth next to a specially tailored negative dispersion. These mirrors can be used as highly efficient and compact compressor and combined with a fused silica wedge pair to finely adjust the compression result.


  • Supported wavelength range: 500-825 nm
  • Coating side 1: HR > 99.2% @ 500 - 825 nm, GDD -100 fs² / pair @ 650 nm
  • Target Design: Fused Silica, 2 mm thickness
  • Substrate: Fused Silica, UV-grade,
  • Dimensions: Rectangular - 35 x 20 mm | Thickness: 10 mm
  • ROC: flat
  • AOI: 0-10°

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