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Monolithic Periscope


The monolithic periscope is designed to realize a broadband polarization rotation or beam offset within a minimal space and highest stability due to the use of non-adjustable mirror mounts. It is ideally suited to rotate from p-polarization to s-polarization e.g. for use with the venteon SPIDER or for parametric phase matching.


  • Three different mirror mounts (sliders) included to realize different periscope and beam steering options.
  • M4-threaded for direct pedestal post mounting
  • Minimal beam height: 1,5" (using 0.5" pedestal post mounting)
  • Minimal beam offset (input - output): 15 mm
  • Maximal beam offset (input - output): 55 mm
  • Monolithic stainless steel body
  • Mirrors are available separately


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