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Glass Wedge mounting Adapter


This pair of wedge mounting adapters is designed to accept up to 4 mm thick glass wedges that provide fine control of the pulse compression set up in combination with the DCM mirror range.

One of the adapters can be directly screwed onto M4 threaded pedestal posts whereas the other features a M2 grid to allow a direct mounting onto standard compact translation stages that can be ordered optionally. The design of the mounting adapter pair allows for a minimal gap between the wedges to minimize angular dispersive effects.


  • Mounts glass wedges up to 4 mm thickness.
  • No limitation in terms of wedge width, but a maximum of 35 mm is recommended.
  • Optimized design to allow for mounting two wedges with minimal gap between each other.
  • Gentle glass clamping due to rubber sheets
  • M4 thread (one adapter) for direct pedestal post mounting
  • Mounting holes (M2 grid) for direct translation stage mounting (one adapter)
  • Translation stage for 6.5 mm travel can be ordered optional with additional adapter for pedestal
  • Mounting below the translation stage.

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