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Enhanced Silver Mirror


For steering few-cycle pulse beams, usually protected silver mirrors are the first choice and widely used, since they deliver a broadband reflectivity without dispersion problems or angle dependence at a very competitive price.

A protected silver mirror that is enhanced for femtosecond applications and tested for sub-5fs pulses. This mirror features an average reflectivity of >99% between 600 nm-1200 nm (0-45°) and a tailored flat dispersion characteristic in this ROI. Using this type of mirror for steering few cycle pulses, the applicable pulse energy will no longer be significantly reduced by using several bounces giving you more freedom in designing your experimental setup.


  • Supported Wavelength Range: 585 nm-1500 nm
  • R_ave >99%: 600 nm-1200 nm / 0-45°
  • Flat/Minimized GDD for femtosecond applications: | GDD(R) | <+/-10 fs²: 650 nm-1150 nm/0-45°
  • AOI: 0-45°
  • p- and s-polarized light
  • Substrate: Fused Silica (UV-grade) or BK7, lambda/10, 10-5


  • Round - Diameter: 1/2" (12.7 mm) | Thickness: 6.35 mm
  • Round - Diameter: 25 mm | Thickness: 6.35 mm

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