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venteon vWaistwatcher

venteon vWaistwatcher

vWaistwatcher computes the propagation of laser beams through optical elements allowing the design of an optical set up or laser cavity using its many charts and analysis tools.

Multiple-wavelength beams and realistic material lenses are available to support you with designing your ultra-broadband optical setup. Charts for focus position analysis, intensity analysis, etc. provide further investigation tools. A 2D optical setup sketch can be exported in various formats which can be included into your documentation or for post-processing in a graphical software tool.


  • • Beam waist analysis for multiple beams
  • • Cavity design and stability analysis
  • • Comprehensive data base of optical elements
  • • Beam waist plot, intensity plot, optical setup
  • • Lenses based on refractive indices from material database (simulation of chromatic errors)
  • • Conditional application of elements (e.g., wavelength dependent)
  • • Cavitiy design including pump beam propagation
  • • Grouping of elements and use of variables
  • • Export of plots and setup into various graphic formats (jpg, png, pdf, tif, svg, bmp, ps)
  • • Export of plots into ascii format
  • • Freeware version available free of charge. Full version with all available functions unlocked available on request


Click here to download the vWaistWatcher software (Serial required for full version)

(Windows only) Minimum operating system is Windows 7.There are no special requirements on the memory or CPU: vWaistWatcher requires ~45 MB of memory and ~80 MB of disk space.

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