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venteon vCHIRP

venteon vCHIRP

venteon vCHIRP

vCHIRP is a software tool allowing you to calculate the dispersion characteristics of a femtosecond laser pulse propagating through various media and elements and provides information on the best method to obtain a re-compressed pulse.

vCHIRP is especially designed for the ultra broadband femtosecond lasers and the GDD mirrors. In addition, vCHIRP supports many optical elements, such as grating compressors, and template pulses, such as Gaussian pulses or user-measured spectra. Using vCHIRP you can tweak your ultrafast experiment for optimal pulse recompression at the place of interest.


  • • Dispersion and pulse compression calculations
  • • Easy drag and drop handling of desired components
  • • Easy file input function for loading user spectra, including generation of Gaussian spectra
  • • Huge material database (e.g. BK7, Fused Silica, BaF2, CaF2, Sapphire)
  • • Possibility to include customized materials
  • • Various components for dispersion management included, e.g. prism sequences and grating stretchers


Click here to trial vChirp Online

Click here to download the vChirp software 1.9 (Serial required for full version)

Click here to download the vChirp software 1.7 (Serial required for full version)

(Windows only) Minimum operating system is Windows 7.There are no special requirements on the memory or CPU: vChirp requires ~45 MB of memory and ~80 MB of disk space.

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