venteon OPCPA, next generation of amplification

venteon OPCPA, next generation of amplification

The venteon OPCPA provides a unique combination of a few-cycle pulse duration with a pulse energy in the µJ-regime at a high repetition rate. The excellent output stability, and the ability for a CEP-stabilised output, makes this amplifier the ideal source for nonlinear spectroscopy, high harmonic generation and applications in attosecond physics. In contrast to more commonly used Ti:sapphire amplifiers, the unique parametric amplification process of the venteon OPCPA gives rise to a much larger gain bandwidth which maintains the excellent few-cycle pulse duration through the amplification process.


Average Power>3 W Pulse Repetition Rate200 kHz to 4 MHz
Pulse Energy>0.75 µJ to >15 µJ* Pulse Duration<8 fs (measured)
Spectral Bandwidth>300 nm (@-10 dBc) Noise<1% RMS
Operating Temperature15 - 25 °C Download Specification (1508KB)

The basis of the venteon OPCPA system is a venteon dual laser that provides an ultra-broadband signal and an additional narrowband seed output @ 1030 nm. Since both laser outputs are filtered directly from the native laser spectrum and generated without any nonlinear broadening, a low timing jitter can be achieved resulting in minor residual noise in the final OPCPA output.


The power amplifier is fiber-based and thus offers high stability and low noise. It supports high average powers and therefore provides enough energy for efficient amplification even at MHz repetition rates.

The main amplifier supports short pump pulse duration, and therefore facilitates dispersion management of the OPCPA. An exceptional pulse duration below 8 fs is achieved with an efficient and stable compressor with specially designed DCM11 mirrors.

Due to the absence of thermal load problems within the amplifier stages, exceptional scaling performance and high repetition rates are possible. As a continuous upgrade program is maintained at Laser Quantum, specifications are subject to be improved without notification.

Innovative Technology

In contrast to commonly used Ti:Sapphire-based multipass or regenerative amplifier systems, the parametric amplification process, the key technology of the venteon OPCPA system, features a much larger gain bandwidth, and thus is ideally suited to support the ultrabroad bandwidth and pulse duration generated by the venteon femtosecond oscillators. Parametric amplification is thus the most direct and clean way to amplify few-cycle pulses.

Ti:saphire amplifiers:OPCPA:

In addition to the unique few-cycle specification, the venteon OPCPA is very versatile and can provide additional synchronous outputs at 515 nm or 1030 nm with high average power >25 W (515 nm) or >50 W (1030 nm) @ 200 kHz and less than 250 fs pulse duration. As an alternative to the broadband operation, an easy change to a tunable output between 700 nm and 1000 nm is possible while maintaining the high μJ pulse energy. Available pulse duration and spectral bandwidth can be customised to a large extent in this mode of operation.

Tuning Option:

Additional feature for easy change from few-cycle to tunable operation:

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The combination of additional laser pulses delivered at 515 nm or 1030 nm, together with the broadband or tunable OPCPA output, furthermore allows efficient frequency conversion from the UV to MID-IR, thus making the venteon OPCPA a multi-functional light source which provides intense ultrashort pulses at μJ level and MHz repetition rate.



Low noise and high stability due to low timing jitter and direct seeding with a venteon dual front-end laser system.

*1 Higher amplified powers are available with upgraded configurations

*2 System will be manufactured to achieve the target repetition rate with the corresponding pulse energy. Only one set of repetition rate / pulse energy is specified. Operation at other repetition rates using the same layout can be discussed.

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