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The venteon dual laser system represents the ideal front-end for broadband few-cycle OPCPA applications. The spectral bandwidth of this laser allows for the generation of broadband sub-5.5 fs pulses as a signal for a NOPA stage and additionally provides sufficient pulse energy for seeding an Yb-based amplifier pump stage. The pulses are provided by two separate output ports and are intrinsically self-synchronized with ultra-low timing jitter.


Average Power~200 mW Pulse Repetition Rate80 MHz
Pulse Energy>2.5 nJ Pulse Duration<5.5 fs (TL), <6 fs (measured)
Spectral Bandwidth>300 nm (-10 dBc) Power Stability<1% RMS
Noise<0.1% RMS M2<1.2

The venteon dual features two separate output ports, the first providing the broadband few-cycle signal pulses with a duration <6 fs. The second output at 1030 nm delivers - without any additional broadening - ~ 20 pJ in a spectral bandwidth of 10 nm (FWHM) and is ideally suited as a narrowband seed for Yb-based pump amplifiers. This output can be optionally ordered pre-amplified, delivering pulses with an energy >1 nJ. Since both outputs are filtered internally from the same broadband output spectrum, they are intrinsically self-synchronized with ultra-low timing jitter.

If a CEP stabilized laser system is required for realizing a CEP-stable OPCPA, the venteon dual laser system can be ordered with CEP option featuring the CEP5 stabilization technology and performance. together with all related options such as the CEP-zero option to stabilize the carrier-envelope-offset frequency to zero, generating a pulse train with constant CE phase (versus every fourth in standard configuration).

The venteon dual laser system features a set of remote control capability including e.g. starting, adjustment and dispersion control. Together with the provided user control software, the laser system can be handled, monitored and maintained on a day-to-day basis without opening the box. Upon installation our service engineers will give a detailed training on the laser system and all associated components. If service is required, the user control software allows our service engineers to connect to the laser system to remotely check and optimize the laser to ensure a quick help and support.


The modular realization of the venteon dual laser system allows for an easy separation of laser oscillator and dual module. If the 1030 nm seed output is not required, the module can be detached and the full oscillator characteristics, comparable to the venteon ultra, can be applied. This ensures the maximum flexibility for many ultrafast applications.


The venteon dual laser system can be upgraded with two piezo mirrors and one stepper motor (PST option) to get access to the repetition rate of the oscillator. For comb applications the TL-1000 timing stabilization can used to lock the repetition frequency of the venteon dual laser system to any reference microwave frequency standard (to be specified).

The second output around 1030 nm delivers - without any additional broadening - more than 20 pJ in a spectral bandwidth of ~10 nm (FWHM) and is ideally suited as narrowband seed for pump amplifiers.

Pump-amplifier seed output:

  • Central wavelength: 1030 nm
  • Pulse duration: <250 fs (Fourier-limited)
  • Pulse energy (free-space, 80 MHz): ~0.02 nJ
  • Average power 1030 nm free space: ~1.5 mW
  • Average power 1030 nm fiber-coupled: ~0.5 mW
  • RMS noise (1h): <0.2%
  • FC/APC fiber port at the laser enclosure for easy seed pick-up
  • Pre-amplified for optimal amplifier seeding (optional)
  • Pulse energy (pre-amplified, fiber-coupled, 80 MHz): >1 nJ (>80 mW)

Pulse durations achieved with optional extra cavity compression

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