venteon CEP5

venteon CEP5

venteon CEP5

venteon CEP5

The venteon CEP5 laser is a complete carrier-envelope-phase (CEP) stabilised laser system that utilises the exceptional spectral characteristics of the venteon ultra oscillator for a direct realisation of sub-two cycle CEP stable laser pulses with less than 50 as timing jitter. The CEP5 locking approach is the most natural way of locking the CEP by only filtering the spectral wings and is thus efficient and low-noise. Most importantly, it does not affect the properties of the ultrashort output beam by avoiding refractive elements as an AOFS in the beam path. In addition to the CEP-ready octave-spanning oscillator, this system includes an f-to-2f interferometer for fCEO beat generation next to a low-noise pump laser with CEPLoQ™ technology, locking electronics by Menlo Systems (Syncro) and measurement equipment.


Average Power~220 mW Pulse Repetition Rate80 MHz*
Pulse Energy~2.75 nJ Pulse Duration<5.5 fs (TL), <6 fs (measured)
Spectral Bandwidth>380 nm (-10 dBc) Power Stability<1% RMS
Noise<0.1% RMS M2<1.2
Divergence<1 mrad    

The unique venteon CEP5 employs the most direct CEP stabilization scheme possible today, using the natural oscillator bandwidth as a self-referencing supply for the f-to-2f interferometer, eliminating the need for additional spectral broadening techniques using either a PCF or PPLN device without distorting the laser output beam and giving an excellent long-term locking performance. Only the extreme spectral wings are utilized for self-referencing and filtered from the oscillator, using less than 10% of the original laser output power resulting in very high efficiency and sub-6 fs pulses available for the application.

The venteon CEP5 features an advanced feedback system that inputs the processed signal directly into the pump laser using CEPLoQ™ technology rather than an AOM system placed before or after the oscillator. The feedback is achieved by directly controlling a minor power modulation of the pump laser, covering a range of DC to 1 MHz, with better than 90 degrees phase behavior up to 700 kHz, leading to a larger locking bandwidth than traditional methods.

The venteon CEP5 laser system features a set of remote control capability including e.g. remote starting, adjustment and dispersion control. Together with the provided user control software, the laser system can be handled, monitored and maintained on a day-to-day basis without opening the box. Upon installation our service engineers will give a detailed training on the laser system and all associated components. If service is required, the user control software allows our service engineers to connect to the laser system to remotely check and optimize the laser to ensure a quick help and support.


The modular realization of the laser system allows for an easy separation of laser oscillator and f-to-2f module. If CEP stabilization is not required, the f-to-2f module can be detached and the full oscillator characteristics, comparable to the venteon ultra, can be applied. This ensures the maximum flexibility for many ultrafast applications.


The venteon CEP5 can be ordered with CEP-zero option to stabilize the carrier-envelope-offset frequency to zero, generating a pulse train with constant CE phase (versus every fourth in standard configuration). This system allows for field sensitive experiments at full oscillator power and repetition rate without the need for sophisticated pulse picking.


Out-of-loop measured interference of 1011 oscillator pulses proving an excellent CEP-lock. The CEP is tuned by inserting glass wedges in the extra-cavity beam as shown in the middle part of the picture.

If a CEP stabilized laser system is required with additional 1030 nm output e.g. for OPCPA seeding applications, the closely related venteon dual laser system can be ordered with the CEP5 stabilization technology and all available options as well.

The venteon CEP5 laser system can be upgraded with two piezo mirrors and one stepper motor (PST option) to get access to the repetition rate of the oscillator. For comb applications the TL-1000 timing stabilization can used to lock the repetition frequency of the venteon CEP5 laser system to any reference microwave frequency standard (to be specified).

*Other repetition rates available upon request

  • CEP Phase noise: 100 mrad
  • SNR for fCEO-beat > 30 dB (@ 100 kHz RBW**)
  • CEP-lock without additional spectral broadening
  • Monolithic f-to-2f interferometer for CEP detection
  • Menlo Systems stabilisation electronics (XPS800 Syncro)
  • Pump modulation@ CEPLoQ technology of the finesse pure CEP
  • Second feedback loop (tracking function) for increased long-term CEP performance included
  • Pulse durations achieved with optional extra cavity compression

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