venteon power

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The venteon power laser system integrates a state of the art DPSS pump laser on an advanced, monolithic breadboard and is designed, then optimised to offer the highest possible power output for the configuration. This system delivers >560 mW of sub-7.5 fs short laser pulses directly out of the box (7.5 nJ @ 80 MHz repetition rate).


Average Power~560 mW Pulse Repetition Rate80 MHz
Pulse Energy>7 nJ Pulse Duration<7.5 fs (TL), <8 fs (measured)
Spectral Bandwidth>200 nm @-10 dBc Power Stability<1% RMS
Noise<0.1% RMS M2<1.2

If required for synchronization experiments, the venteon power cavity can be equipped with a special piezo transducer / stepper motor combination that allows for resonance-free locking of the repetition frequency in a bandwidth up to 30 kHz to a suitable radiofrequency reference source. 

Pulse durations achieved with optional extra cavity compression

*Other repetition rates available upon request

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