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ventus 561 561 nm Laser

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The ventus family of lasers is characterised by its stability, beam quality and duration of life of its different elements. Designed for use in scientific laboratories, it operates through its control unit, via its software or internet connection. The 561 nm laser offers high power in a compact design. Ideal for biomedical imaging and cytometry.


Power100 mW - 750 mW Wavelength561 nm
Spectral Bandwidth40 GHz Coherence Length~7.5 mm
Power Stability<1.0% RMS Noise<1.5% RMS
Pointing Stability<10 µrad/°C Spatial ModeTEM00
M2<1.2 Divergence<1 mrad
Beam Diameter1.5 mm ± 0.1 mm Polarisation Ratio>100:1
Polarisation DirectionHorizontal Beam Angle<1 mrad
Operating Temperature15 - 40°C Weight0.75 kg
Umbilical Length1.5 m Warmup Time<10 minutes
Laser ClassClass IV Download Specification (635KB)

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