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The gecco femtosecond oscillators are based on an exceptionally robust mechanical design in a sealed housing comprising proprietary mechanisms to self-start, monitor and maintain its mode-lock. The gecco one delivers <20 fs pulse duration at >600 mW output power with choice of repetition rate and integrated pump laser to suit many different applications such as amplifier seeding or microscopy. The repetition rate can also be stabilized to an external reference or other laser system.

"The gecco one works great as a seed laser for our 25 fs kHz amplifier system. We are very happy to have this set-and-forget femtosecond laser delivering reliable and reproducible performance every day."

Senior Scientist at Max-Planck Institut für Struktur und Dynamik der Materie, Germany.


Average Power>600 mW Pulse Repetition Rate80 MHz (70-110 MHz options)
Pulse Energy>7.5 nJ (@80 MHz) Pulse Duration<20 fs
Spectral Bandwidth>40 nm (FWHM) Central Wavelength800 nm (+/- 20 nm)
Power Stability<1% Noise<0.05% RMS (finesse pure pump)
M2<1.2 Beam Diameter0.8 mm +/- 0.3 mm (@80 MHz)
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Power Stability: RMS, measured over 24 hours after cold-start within operating temperature range.

Pulse Duration: Achieved with optional extra cavity compression.

Repetition Rate: accuracy +/- 100 KHz, other repetition rates available upon request.

Repetition rate must be selected at the time of order.

If required, the repetition rate can be locked to a suitable radiofrequency reference source. 


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