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taccor tune

taccor tune

taccor tune

The taccor tune is a variable wavelength, true hands free laser with an output beam that can be controlled between 740 nm and 930 nm via a simple touch screen panel. With a repetition rate of 1 GHz, the taccor tune is unique in the market.


Average PowerUp to 1.8 W Pulse Repetition Rate1000 MHz
Pulse EnergyUp to 1.8 nJ Pulse Duration<80 fs
Spectral Bandwidth>15 nm (FWHM) Central Wavelength740 nm - 930 nm (tunable)
Power Stability<1% RMS Noise<0.05% RMS
M2<1.2 (sag plane), <1.6 (tan plane) Divergence2.0 mrad +/-0.5 mrad
Beam Diameter0.8 mm +/-0.3 mm Polarisation Ratio>100:1
Polarisation DirectionHorizontal Operating Temperature21°C +/- 5°C
Weight12 kg Warmup Time10 minutes
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