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taccor one

taccor one

taccor one

The taccor one is a unique turn-key femtosecond laser with integrated pump source in a hermetically sealed cavity. At 1 GHz repetition rate, it delivers more than 1.6 W of average power with pulse durations <60 fs. It can be supplied with any chosen wavelength between 740 nm - 920 nm and is designed to be self-mode-locking and stabilising.


Average Power700 mW to 1.6 W Pulse Repetition Rate1000 MHz
Pulse Energy0.7 nJ - 1.6 nJ Pulse Duration<60 fs
Spectral Bandwidth~15 nm (FWHM) Central Wavelength740 nm - 920 nm *
Power Stability<1% RMS Noise<0.05% RMS
Spatial Modenear TEM00 M2<1.2 (sag plane), <1.6 (tan plane)
Divergence2.0 mrad +/-0.5 mrad Beam Diameter0.8 mm +/-0.3 mm
Polarisation Ratio>100:1 Polarisation DirectionHorizontal
Operating Temperature21 °C +/- 5 °C Weight15 kgs
Warmup Time10 minutes Download Specification (1162KB)

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