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The torus 660 nm laser provides true single longitudinal mode (SLM) with a coherence length in excess of 100 m and a bandwidth of <1 MHz. Using TruLoQ™ active mode locking technology to stabilise the laser cavity, the wavelength stability is measured to be <2 pm over 20°C ambient temperature shift and mode hop is eliminated. The torus 660 is ideal for applications such as interferometry, Raman studies and holography.


Power150 mW - 200 mW Wavelength660 nm
Spectral Bandwidth<1 MHz Coherence Length>100 m
Power Stability<1.0% RMS Noise<0.5% RMS
Pointing Stability<10 µrad/°C Spatial ModeTEM00
M2<1.1 Divergence<0.55 mrad
Beam Diameter1.7 mm +/-0.2 mm Polarisation Ratio>100:1
Polarisation DirectionVertical Beam Angle<1 mrad
Operating Temperature15 - 35°C Weight1.2 kg
Umbilical Length1.5 m Warmup Time<30 mins
Laser ClassClass IV Download Specification (805KB)

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