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gem 640 - 640nm Laser

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The gem 640 offers 500 mW of red light in a near diffraction limited TEM00 beam. It has an M2 close to unity and is designed to be both robust and reliable. The gem 640 has a high power to size ratio and can be easily integrated into OEM equipment.


Power100 mW - 500 mW Wavelength640 nm
Spectral Bandwidth40 GHz Coherence Length~7.5 mm
Power Stability<0.8% Noise<0.8%
Pointing Stability<10 urad/degC Spatial ModeTEM00
M2<1.2 Divergence<1.2 mrad
Beam Diameter1.1 +- 0.2 mm Polarisation Ratio>100:1
Polarisation DirectionHorizontal Beam Angle<1 mrad
Operating Temperature22 - 37 degC Weight0.8 kg
Umbilical Length1.5 m Warmup Time<10 minutes
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