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The axiom 532 is a high-powered CW laser in a new architecture, incorporating all the active optics within the laser head. Offering power levels up to 12 W and RMS noise below 0.02%, the axiom 532 is highly suitable for integration in an ultrafast laser or semiconductor industries. The axiom 532 requires minimal cooling due to its high efficiency; making it also highly suited to Ti:Sapphire pumping.


PowerUp to 12 W Wavelength532 nm
Spectral Bandwidth50 GHz Coherence Length~6 mm
Power Stability<0.05% RMS (<10 W <0.1%) Noise<0.02% RMS (<10 W <0.03%)
Pointing Stability<2 µrad/°C Spatial ModeTEM00
M2<1.1 Divergence<0.4 mrad
Beam Diameter2.25 mm ± 0.25 mm Polarisation Ratio>100:1
Polarisation DirectionHorizontal Beam Angle<1 mrad
Operating Temperature20 - 30°C Weight3.6 kg
Umbilical Length2 m Warmup Time<10 mins
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* Laser Quantum operates a continuous improvement programme which can result in specifications being improved without notice.

1 Beam diameter defined as the average of major and minor 1/e2 beam size measured at 25 cm from exit port, at specified power.

2 Test duration >100 hrs at constant temperature.

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