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The gecco femtosecond oscillators are based on an exceptionally robust mechanical design in a sealed housing comprising proprietary mechanisms to self-start, monitor and maintain its mode-lock. The gecco ultra delivers <15 fs pulse duration at >600 mW output power with choice of repetition rate and integrated pump laser to suit many different applications, such as amplifier seeding or pump-probe spectroscopy. The repetition rate can also be stabilized to an external reference or other laser system.


Average Power>600 mW Pulse Repetition Rate80 MHz (70-110 MHz options)
Pulse Energy>7.5 nJ (@80 MHz) Pulse Duration<15 fs
Spectral Bandwidth>50 nm (FWHM) Central Wavelength800 nm (+/- 20 nm)
Power Stability<1% Noise<0.05% RMS (finesse pure pump)
M2<1.2 Beam Diameter0.8 mm +/- 0.3 mm (@80 MHz)
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Power Stability: RMS, measured over 24 hours after cold-start within operating temperature range.

Pulse Duration: Achieved with optional extra cavity compression.

Repetition Rate: accuracy +/- 100 KHz, other repetition rates available upon request.

Repetition rate must be selected at the time of order.

If required, the repetition rate can be locked to a suitable radiofrequency reference source. 

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