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The axiom 660 laser is a new architecture that delivers high CW power whilst incorporating all of the active optics within the laser head. This design lends itself to easy integration into equipment, without the complexities associated with fibre delivery of the pump light. The axiom is a high power red laser providing a market-leading output of 6 W at 660 nm with excellent noise and stability. Along with its ultra-compact power supply unit, it forms a small-scale laser system ideal for Raman imaging, particle image velocity (PIV) and fluorescence imaging.


Power3-6 W Wavelength660 nm
Spectral Bandwidth<50 GHz Coherence Length~6 mm
Power Stability<1.0% RMS Noise<1% RMS
Pointing Stability<2 urad/°C Spatial ModeTEM00
M2<1.2 Divergence<1.6 mrad
Polarisation Ratio>100:1 Polarisation DirectionHorizontal
Beam Angle<1mrad Operating Temperature20 - 29°C
Weight3.96 kg Umbilical Length1.5 m
Warmup Time<10 minutes Download Specification (663KB)
Title Size
DATASHEET - axiom family 663KB

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