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ASOPS Engine

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The ASOPS engine consists of two femtosecond lasers, TL-1000 ASOPS for offset frequency stabilization, an optical trigger unit, a high-speed balanced optical photoreceiver, a personal computer housing the data acquisition card and the HASSP-Scope software for measurement and analysis of time-domain data. The femtosecond lasers can be chosen from either the 1 GHz or the 84 MHz range of lasers

Title Size
DATASHEET - ASOPS Engine, Next Generation Time-Domain Spectroscopy System 1254KB
Whitepaper - Sub-nm layer measurements using ASOPS and laser induced ultrasound 484KB
Scientific Paper - Dual Comb Spectroscopy 1821KB
Scientific paper - ASOPS based ultrafast TDS using the TL-1000-ASOPS 1045KB
Scientific paper - ASOPS based THz-TDS using the TL-1000-ASOPS 311KB
Scientific paper - Terahertz cyclotron resonance spectroscopy of an AlGaN-GaN heterostructure 1782KB
Scientific paper - High-resolution THz spectrometer with kHz scan rates 351KB
Scientific paper - Picosecond Photoacoustic Metrology of SiO2 and LiNbO3 Laser Systems 756KB
Scientific paper - Study of confined coherent acoustic phonon modes in a free-standing cubic GaN mem 1023KB
Scientific paper -Collective Modes and Structural Modulation in Ni-Mn-Ga(Co) Martensite Thin Films 1237KB
Scientific paper - Spin wave generation by fs pulses: A novel approach for tuning magnon wavelength 1195KB
Abstract - Acoustic waves undetectable by transient reflectivity measurements 113KB
Scientific paper - Time-resolved detection of propagating Lamb waves in thin silicon membranes with 2533KB
Abstract - Generation and detection of gigahertz acoustic oscillations in thin membranes 112KB
Abstract - Dynamics of coherent acoustic phonons in thin films of CoSb 3 and partially filled Yb x C 112KB
Abstract - Ultrafast spectroscopy of super high frequency mechanical modes of doubly clamped beams 162KB
Scientific paper -Femtosecond spectroscopy of acoustic frequency combs in the 100-GHz frequency rang 921KB
Scientific paper - Lifetimes of Confined Acoustic Phonons in Ultrathin Silicon Membranes 654KB
Scientific paper - Selective excitation of zone-folded phonon modes within one triplet in a semicond 3094KB
Scientific paper -Imaging of a patterned and buried molecular layer by coherent acoustic phonon spec 2694KB

ASOPS Engine GHz

ASOPS Engine MHz

Repetition rate range 1 GHz 84 MHz**
Typical repetition rate offset 2 kHz to 20 kHz 10 Hz to 1 kHz
Time resolution <60 fs* over full 1 ns window <100 fs* over 5 ns window
Time delay window 1 ns

11.9 ns

* time resolution inherently increases at larger offset frequencies.
** the standard repetition rate is chosen to be 84 MHz. Customer specific repetition rates between 80 MHz and 90 MHz are available upon request. 

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