ASOPS Engine

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The ASOPS engine consists of two femtosecond lasers, TL-1000 ASOPS for offset frequency stabilization, an optical trigger unit, a high-speed balanced optical photoreceiver, a personal computer housing the data acquisition card and the HASSP-Scope software for measurement and analysis of time-domain data. The femtosecond lasers can be chosen from either the 1 GHz or the 84 MHz range of lasers


ASOPS Engine GHz

ASOPS Engine MHz

Repetition rate range 1 GHz 84 MHz**
Typical repetition rate offset 2 kHz to 20 kHz 10 Hz to 1 kHz
Time resolution <60 fs* over full 1 ns window <100 fs* over 5 ns window
Time delay window 1 ns

11.9 ns

* time resolution inherently increases at larger offset frequencies.
** the standard repetition rate is chosen to be 84 MHz. Customer specific repetition rates between 80 MHz and 90 MHz are available upon request. 

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