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Pulse Management

The generation of ultrashort pulses or a high repetition rate pulse train is only part of the challenge when using femtosecond lasers. The laser pulse train needs to be controlled and monitored to ensure the correct characteristics for any application.

Laser Quantum support pulse management with a range of products that allow monitoring, shaping and timing of laser pulses exiting the aperture.

  • HarmoniXX SHG - Manufactured by A·P·E Angewandte Physik & Elektronik GmbH, the HarmoniXX is a second harmonic generator tested to ensure optimum performance with the taccor lasers
  • TL-1000 - This system provides repetition rate locking when referenced to an external signal, e.g. another laser or an RF generator
  • TL-1000-ASOPS - A frequency offset timing unit that locks two pulse trains with a frequency difference of up to 20 kHz
  • venteon SPIDER - This system allows you to easily measure the pulse durations and spectral phase and is capable of handling sub-5 fs pulses with octave-spanning spectrum
  • venteon SPIDER HP - This system is specially designed for more narrowband oscillators and amplifiers

To find out more detailed information on each of the above lasers, please click on the individual links.