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venteon Amplification

Laser Quantum exclusively provides comprehensive solutions for the emerging market of OPCPA technology - the most direct approach for amplified high-power, few-cycle femtosecond laser pulses. Unlike for other commonly used amplification concepts such as Ti:sapphire-based multipass or regenerative amplifier systems, the parametric amplification process of Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplifiers (OPCPA) features a much larger gain bandwidth and no gain narrowing; thus is ideally suited to support the bandwidth and pulse duration generated by the broadband venteon femtosecond oscillators directly from the amplification process. Laser Quantum provides the only commercially available OPCPA product offering MHz repetition rate at microjoule pulse energy and sub-8 fs, with complete CEP stabilization available.

Laser Quantum is capable of all the necessary technology required to realise a complete OPCPA system and proved its expertise, knowledge and competence by developing the world’s first commercial OPCPA.

As a solid basis of the OPCPA systems, we can provide a specialised seed laser system, the venteon dual, which features a dual laser output for both ultra-broadband signal and for optical synchronization of the amplifier pump, a narrowband seed @ 1030 nm, resulting in low timing jitter. The interface of the narrowband seed can be adapted in terms of coupling (free-space or fibre-coupled), pulse energy (with or without pre-amplification) and filtering.

For amplifying the narrowband pump pulses @ 1030 nm we have developed an independent OPCPA pump amplifier module all implemented in fibre technology (up to the compressor) with high overall efficiency and a high degree of integration at a very compact form factor. Fitted with interlocks and internal diagnostics for status of the system, active power stabilization and a one-button start function operated from within the control electronics. The pre-amplifier inside this unit is fitted with two pulse pickers for high pulse contrast. Being completely fibre-based and thus alignment free, it enables flexibility in delivered repetition rate, long term stability and a high degree of integration at a very compact form factor.

For best recompression of the amplified broadband pulses from the seed oscillator, sophisticated dispersion management is implemented to match the higher order dispersion of the compression gratings (behind the main amplifier) to the fibre Bragg grating based stretcher allowing for sub-8 fs pulses from the amplifier.

Parts of the preamplifer are offered as an independent solution. The venteon preamplifier modules are designed for amplifying low energy pulses (10 pJ) of the seed oscillator to significantly higher power levels. The venteon pre-amp can be used as independent amplification module for other laser systems around 1 µm.

With the venteon SPIDER and the octave-spanning compression mirrors, Laser Quantum can also supply the pulse compressing and accurate measurement of few-cycle pulses generated by OPCPA systems.