Our Story

Laser Quantum was formed in the 1990s by three PhD physicists from the University of Manchester, England. Since then, we have grown rapidly into a globally recognised company, renowned for our quality, reliability and the scientific advances we bring to the photonics market.

We have not only developed through organic growth, but also through the acquisition of two companies; Gigaoptics GmbH and Venteon Laser Technology GmbH. Together the three companies have been able to unite the principles of robust design and cutting-edge technology, in the fields of continuous wave, GHz, few cycle pulses and amplification.

The great variation and individuality in specification required by the research community and the repeatability and service required by the industrial customer could be a source of conflict for some companies; however, we have found that these two demands are the driving force behind our company: it is the excitement of product development that drives the future high volume lasers for industry, delivering the quality expected by all users. 

Our company exists to provide excellent laser technology to the world’s photonics community by insisting upon knowledge, passion and integrity from our employees and reliability, worthiness and quality from our products.


Laser Quantum is an exceptional brand.

We are determined to be the leading global supplier of laser technology through our ability to build unambiguous and sincere relationships with customers who rely upon us to deliver the laser solutions they seek. We always judge ourselves through the eyes of our customers.


To lead the global market in the production of innovative products in an environment where our staff feel valued and proud.

We have a passion for the products and services we provide to our customers: dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative laser technologies that provide researchers with the tools they need to advance scientific knowledge and understanding, and OEM manufacturers to improve the capability and reliability of their products.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of ourselves, our products and our processes. This has led to great developments in the performance of our products and the support we can offer to our customers. Our focus on continuous improvement and the needs of our customers will continue to drive all our business decisions.


Here at Laser Quantum, we are delighted to have received the following awards: