Design & Craftsmanship

We aim, at all times, to provide exceptionally designed, defect-free goods to all our customers with a quality and lifetime to exceed their expectations. It is because of this dedication to our customers that we have an enviable volume of repeat business, and customers with many Laser Quantum systems in their laboratory.

Our lasers are built with meticulous checks and a robust testing system. Quality is at the heart of all our products and our Quality Management System (QMS) maintains the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design, manufacture and support of lasers to the photonics industry. Ever since then, we have continued to develop the QMS to include additional quality requirements of the CAA and FAA aerospace bodies to ensure sustainable monitoring of product performance in the field as the basis for product improvement.

All of our lasers are built in a clean environment and must pass rigorous decontamination processes, both at component and system levels. We select only the highest quality optical, electrical and mechanical components and the manufacturing process is strictly monitored to ensure repeatability and reliability in all our products. In addition to this, our products have fully traceable components and quality release procedures to ensure they are free, wherever possible, from defects. Throughout the build process, all components are rigorously checked to ensure exceptional design and craftsmanship at every stage.

As a result of the QMS and our fastidious staff, our products are renowned for their quality and reliability. However, we know that the hard work can never stop and we will ensure that our outstanding staff work effectively within the QMS to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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