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We know the hardships of starting a business, the challenges you face and the excitement - we've been there! Which is why we want to help you get started. Laser Quantum is offering a package of assistance for new businesses that can be tailored to your company, removing one of the hurdles to a successful future. Contact us now to see how we can support you!

Laser Quantum was started in the 1990's by 3 PhD physicists from the University of Manchester. Thanks to the hard work of the staff, and the faith of suppliers and partnerships, we now have a global reputation for quality, reliability and science-leading lasers. With original premises on a science park at the University site, we have grown rapidly into a globally recognised company with sites across the world.

Over time, as we have grown, we have maintained and changed suppliers. Those that worked with us as a start-up have benefitted from our rapid expansion, other less accommodating suppliers have lost our business. Laser Quantum can offer you support, to protect you from companies that will take advantage of your new venture.

Quality is at the heart of all our products and our Quality Management System (QMS) maintains the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design, manufacture and support of lasers to the photonics industry. As a result of the QMS and our fastidious staff, our products are renowned for their quality and reliability. However, we know that the hard work can never stop and we will ensure that our outstanding staff work effectively within the QMS to deliver the highest levels of customer service to you, and your products.

As a company that has been operating for over 23 years, we have built up a strong team with exceptional expertise in multiple areas and strong purchasing power. From helping to finalise the technical side of your project with a laser that is designed to maximise your advantages, to assistance in promoting and generating interest in the market, Laser Quantum is able to offer you our support and experience.

Our Offer

Pricing plan:
We can agree a fixed price, for a set number of years based on your growth expectations and requirements, simplifying your BOM cost planning and helping to manage cash flow efficiently. We are always looking however, for ways to pass on savings and improve the commercial side of your offering, adapting delivery patterns, passing on economies of scale if sales exceed predictions, or the market changes.
Product development:
You may be in the final development stages of your project and have questions about the laser wavelength or the power you need. Laser Quantum can work to give you access to our library of demonstration lasers that will answer the question without the need to invest in 'Test' lasers that will not be used.
We have a full creative in-house team that can help you book advertising, create and design literature and materials or even offer you booth space on our exhibition stand. Increasing your brand awareness and start selling to customers who want to buy.
R&D expertise:
In addition to the technical support, you will also have access to our OEM team who can assist in the research and testing of products and also in the CAD design and drawing of any products. With our expanding team, and 20 plus years of experience building lasers, we can advise on how to develop your project to get the best results from the laser. When your first product is released, you need to sell, manufacture and support it into the marketplace, but now you have the added task of working on the next generation. Our R&D teams can work with you on the laser requirement for the future to keep you ahead of your competition.
Nurture you:
We will work with you to offer solutions and minimise the uncertainties and risks often associated with new ventures. We can help you scale up processes, highlight manufacturing best practice, and offer technical support to ensure a smooth transition as the company grows.

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