February 7th, 2018 | Company News

My work experience at laser quantum

Hi! I am Sam from Lyon, France. I am 15 Years old I am here for the week on work experience, and I’ve learnt a lot so far!

On Monday I learnt all about the company and a lot about the lasers that the company makes. On Tuesday I went into the labs, I saw all types of lasers and how they’re made and serviced. This morning, I’ve been with Toby, Katy, and Tony. With Katy we did a test that new employees do, with Tony I learnt about the environmental policy and with Toby I learnt about quality control. Then With Jen and Brad in sales and marketing I’ve made a Gif for a gem laser, here it is on Twitter 

I’m looking forward to learning more in other departments through the rest of the week!