March 20th, 2017 | Company News

Promoting women in physics


Group of students from Manchester High School for Girls working on Laser Quantum initive, which encourages women in physicsIn an industry that is largely male orientated, encouraging females to follow a career in the physics industry is important to us here at Laser Quantum. The industry is an ever-changing and rapidly developing field that we want to share with the whole population. As part of the Engineering Education Scheme (EES), we are currently working with Manchester High School for Girls for the second year running on a project to improve an aspect of our manufacturing process. By sparking an interest with the girls at a young age we hope we can encourage them to consider a career in physics by offering them an insight into the different positions and opportunities available in the photonics industry. The girls involved in the project are yet to make degree choices, so exposing them to the range of careers options may influence their decision.

In recent years, we have seen the number of women working for Laser Quantum grow, and this reflects that the number of women pursuing a career in physics is also increasing. We want this trend to continue to rise and we believe that by participating in initiatives to promote physics amongst females, such as the ones with Manchester High School for Girls, it will!