August 24th, 2017 | Company News

venteon OPCPA and CEP website updates

Visit our download sections for the venteon OPCPA  and venteon CEP  to find the newly added downloads, including links to abstracts and scientific papers.

The venteon OPCPA provides a unique combination of a few-cycle pulse duration with a pulse energy in µJ- regime at a high repetition rate and is excellent for applications including High Harmonic Generation, attosecond physics and non-linear spectroscopy.

The venteon CEP is a complete carrier-envelope phase stabilised laser system that utilises the exceptional spectral characteristics of the venteon ultra oscillator for a direct realisation of the sub-two cycle CEP stable laser pulses with less than 50 attosecond timing jitter. With its short pulses and CEPLoQTM technology, it is great for amplifier seeding.

The venteon range boasts impressive specifications and features including <5 fs octave spanning pulses, direct CEP locking without AOM and a secondary 1030 nm output for OPCPA. You can find the updated content on the venteon CEP5 and venteon OPCPA pages. If you’d like to explore the other products in our range of ultrafast pulse lasers click here.