October 29th, 2019 | Company News

venteon – few cycle, ultrashort pulse

The venteon ultrafast laser range is based around short pulse generation and designed to meet individual needs. Working directly with your engineers, our venteon lasers are optimised for power, bandwidth and CEP stabilisation.

The venteon can be used to meet a range of applications from few-cycle pulse generation and attosecond science to two-photon microscopy, all of these applications require reliable performance and long lifetimes.

  • venteon one – laser system is a compact and robust source for ultrashort pulses <7.5 fs on a compact footprint.
  • venteon CEP5 – laser is a complete carrier-envelope-phase (CEP) stabilised laser system that utilises the exceptional spectral characteristics of the venteon ultra oscillator for a direct realisation of sub-two cycle CEP stable laser pulses with less than 50 as timing jitter.
  • venteon power – This ultrafast laser has been optimised for the highest power, with an average output power >560 mW, and exceptional stability.
  • venteon ultra – shortest commercially available pulse >5 fs, compact, reliable and ultrabroadband.
  • venteon dual – This laser system represents the ideal front-end for broadband few-cycle OPCPA applications. The spectral bandwidth of this laser allows for the generation of broadband sub-5.5 fs pulses as a signal for a NOPA stage and additionally provides sufficient pulse energy for seeding an Yb-based amplifier pump stage.
  • venteon boost – An optimized version of the venteon power with respect to output power and pulse energy. It gives an average output power of >900 mW, corresponding to a pulse energy of >11 nJ at 80 MHz repetition rate.

For any further information on the Laser Quantum venteon range, please contact us directly here.