November 28th, 2018 | Applications, Top Stories

The Quantum Flagship – expanding European scientific research

The Quantum Flagship, a new €1bn initiative spanning the course of the next 10 years, has now officially launched. The Quantum Flagship aims to push Europe to the forefront of quantum research collating over 5000 European researchers in academia and industry, and Laser Quantum’s product development has been able to contribute to one of the 20 funded projects.

This project, S2QUIP – Scalable Two-Dimensional Quantum Integrated Photonics, will be based upon the same technology used to create Laser Quantum’s ultrafast lasers which cover repetition rates from 80 MHz – 10 GHz, including the latest helixx 250 MHz femtosecond laser. It aims to produce on-chip quantum light sources for quantum simulation, communication, metrology and sensing.

Read more about the Quantum flagship here or read about the helixx and its many scientific applications such as two-photon microscopy here.