December 12th, 2016 | Company News, Videos

Robust and reliable lasers


Here at Laser Quantum, we build lasers that last. The robustness and reliability from every single one of our lasers is something we are proud of and confident about. Every laser undergoes meticulous checks at each stage of the manufacturing process; these include a 1,200 g drop test, vibration test, soak test and many more. These tests ensure all of our lasers are built to the same high standard before leaving the site, and can far exceed the pressures of many applications on the system. The result? Long lifetimes, robustness and exceptional design.

In recent months, we have released a number of videos which demonstrate the robustness and reliability of the gem laser in a visual and entertaining way. We have taken the gem out of the laboratory and tested it under extreme circumstances by driving over it in a Range Rover, dropping it from a drone, and more recently, freezing it in a block of ice. Although the series focuses on the gem laser, it is representative of our entire product ranges, which all undergo the same testing.

The concept for the series of videos began when Laser Quantum CEO, Lawrie Gloster, noted that our lasers are that robust, they can even withstand the weight and force from being driven over by a Range Rover. The idea grew from here. In each video, we reflect one of the tests our lasers are subject to, in a non-laboratory setting.

To watch the videos and see if the gem laser survives our unique testing, please click on the links below. We hope that you enjoy the series, and look out for the next one launching in the New Year!

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