January 5th, 2017 | Company News

Product of the month – ventus 532


The ventus 532 is the scientific laser of choice!A scientific, compact laser, designed to meet your application needs with its unrivalled size and power up to 1.5 W. The ventus 532 is the go to laser in the scientific community, with noise less than 0.15% RMS, power stability at 0.4% RMS and spectral bandwidth at 30 GHz. The ventus is highly sought after in a wide variety of applications, ranging from optical tweezer, Raman Spectroscopy to biomedical imaging. In each application, the excellent features of the ventus enable:

– Optical tweezers – outputs a Single Transverse Mode (TEM00) with an M2 value of <1.1 as required for the generation of an intense optical gradient

– Raman Spectroscopy – narrow bandwidth to increase resolution

– STED Microscopy – M2 values of close to unity allowing accurate focusing of the beams into the required shapes

For further information on the ventus 532, please contact us and see how it can be applied to your application.