October 13th, 2016 | Applications, Company News

Product of the month: taccor comb

Product of the month: taccor comb, Laser Quantum's first complete frequency comb

The taccor comb, Laser Quantum’s first complete frequency comb system, is an extension to the taccor range of 1 GHz lasers. The comb comprises a powerful 1 GHz turn-key Ti:Sapphire laser and a matched dispersion compensation module, super-continuum generation and ultra-stable f-to-2f interferometer all in a single sealed and ultra-stable housing. The taccor comb is fully stabilised using XPS800-E feedback loop electronics and provides an electrical output signal at the carrier-envelope offset (CEO) frequency with at least 40 dB signal-to-noise ratio in 300 kHz bandwidth.  Using a high repetition rate Ti:Sapphire mode-locked laser for comb generation, the comb enables generation of significantly higher supercontinuum average power, resulting in an enhanced SNR for heterodyne beat measurements or direct frequency comb spectroscopy applications.

Laser Quantum’s taccor comb has enabled optical frequency measurements with 20 significant figures, the highest accuracy demonstrated to date. There are three compelling reasons for the success of our taccor comb:

  1. The large comb spacing of 1 GHz allows easy determination of the comb mode index
  2. The achievable power per frequency comb tooth at 1 GHz is approximately 10 times higher than with a conventional 100 MHz laser
  3. Laser Quantum’s GHz comb offers a remarkably small footprint

To find out more, please download the taccor comb data sheet, or contact our experts.