March 3rd, 2016 | Events

Photonics West Highlights


With the launch of our first ever 1GHz frequency comb, sample testing live on the HASPP-THz and expert talks taking place at our booth, this year’s Photonics West was undoubtedly the liveliest for us yet! Our striking stand attracted many visitors especially our illuminated and enlarged ‘Q’s’ which displayed our vast array of lasers. We welcomed new and existing customers to the booth and took great pride in demonstrating the very best of our product ranges and services.

There was much interest generated around our CW range due to the wide variety of wavelengths and powers, and their compact sizes. The finesse in particularly stood out: a laser trusted by Nobel Prize winners and with powers up to 16W, it is easy to understand why. Also on display was: the gem, a robust laser ideal for OEM integration; the opus, offering high powers; the torus, a single longitude laser with bandwidths below 1MHz and; the ventus, the laser of choice in the scientific industry.

On our ultrafast table, it was the taccor comb which took centre stage and grabbed everybody’s attention. An extension to the exisiting successful taccor range, the taccor comb is our newly launched 1GHz turn-key Ti:Sapphire frequency comb with exceptional supercontinuum typically 1µW per mode and easy access to VIS and NIR ranges. It is the first time we have unveiled the system and to a great reception! Additionally, we showcased: the taccor tune, a truly hands free tunable 1GHz laser; the taccor x10 offering 10GHz repetition rate; the venteon ultra with sub-5.5fs short laser pulses (the shortest pulses commercially available) and; the HASSP-THz, a time domain THz spectrometer with 1GHz spectral resolution.

Alongside the launch of the taccor comb, we invited people to test samples live on the HASSP-THz to see how THz spectroscopy is relevant to their research. We had a great turn-out and tested an array of diverse samples; we are continuing sample testing on the HASSP-THz at future exhibitions and will release further details in the upcoming weeks.

All-in-all, we enjoyed a successful week and we were delighted to meet so many of you to discuss in person how Laser Quantum can assist with advancements in your research and business. Thanks to all who attended and made Photonics West yet another fantastic year; we look forward to meeting many more of you at future exhibitions.

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