April 11th, 2017 | Applications, Company News, Videos

The next generation ultrafast amplifier


The venteon OPCPA is an exceptional ultrafast amplifier, which delivers few-cycle, multi-µJ level pulses without additional nonlinear compression. As industry experts in ultrafast technology, we have created the only commercial ultrafast amplifier on the market that combines unique few-cycle pulse duration <8 fs, µJ level energy and a high repetition rate of up to 4 MHz. Therefore, it is a unique light source for all applications benefitting from high photon flux, high intensity, broad bandwidth and ultrashort pulse duration. The excellent output stability and the ability for CEP stabilisation makes this ultrafast amplifier ideal for applications, including High Harmonic Generation and spectroscopy.

To learn more about the venteon OPCPA and its unique technology, please watch the animation below for a detailed explanation.

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Please contact our expert team if you would like to discuss how the venteon OPCPA can benefit your application, to request a quotation or a demo system.