March 16th, 2018 | Company News

New Video: How to set up your ventus laser

The third installment in our “How To” video series has been uploaded, a quick start guide on how to set up and use the ventus 532 laser (other ventus models also follow the same steps). This follows on from our previous how to videos, featuring both opus and torus lasers. Please note, when setting up your laser that you always adhere to sensible laser safety requirements.

The ventus laser range has become the product of choice in the scientific industry. With its compact size and RMS noise of <0.15% the ventus 532 can produce up to 1.5 W, unrivalled in comparative size and power. The ventus is used in a wide and varied range of applications, including Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence imaging, and features a number of power supply variants.