March 9th, 2018 | Company News

New Video: How to set up your opus laser

Our second video in the “How To” series has arrived, showing the process of setting up and enabling an opus 532 laser (an opus 660 also follows the same steps).  Click here to watch the video or see our first one: how to set up your torus laser. Please note, when setting up your laser that you always adhere to sensible laser safety requirements.

The opus is a premium laser range of products with excellent beam parameters, sophisticated software and comprehensive control interface. Each opus includes our RemoteApp technology that allows the user a full, remote computer interface. With near-unity M-squared and excellent power stability in a rugged, patented design, the opus is an exceptional laser designed for demanding applications.

When you’re up to date to on our “How To” videos, check out the “gem vs.” series on our Videos page.