February 15th, 2016 | Company News

NEW: taccor comb, 1GHz spaced frequency comb, launching at Photonics West, B.1440


taccor comb transparentBetween 16-18 February we are exhibiting at Photonics West, where we will be introducing the first ever Laser Quantum complete frequency comb as an addition to our wide range of continuous wave and ultrafast lasers. The taccor comb is a 1GHz spaced frequency comb consisting of a powerful 1GHz turn-key Ti:Sapphire laser with a matched dispersion compensation module, super-continuum generation and ultra-stable f-to-2f interferometer. The 1GHz mode spacing of the taccor comb offers a number of benefits to frequency comb scientists. The spacing allows easier identification of unknown frequencies, and since each mode has a higher power (~1µW), higher sensitivity can be achieved. The taccor comb is ideal for applications involving studying time at increased accuracy and will contribute towards developing scientific research within the field.

Visit us at our booth, Hall B #1440 to see the taccor comb and meet our expert team, who will be on hand to demonstrate its capabilities and answer any questions you may have.