April 27th, 2015 | Company News

Möbius Strip: The Light Way

A Möbius strip is a 3-Dimensional structure which has one side. It is easy to create a Möbius strip using a piece of paper, however, they are not easy to find naturally. Recently, a team of researchers have demonstrated experimentally that you can produce a Möbius strip made of polarisation states of light. This was done by using a specific type of light beam, called structured light, created and measured by a series of optical tools. The properties of the structured light mean that the electromagnetic field differs across the light beam and not always at right angles to the light direction, enabling units of the electric field to be in all three dimensions. A nanoparticle was used to image the polarisation and the Möbius strip is detected. Photo by: “Möbius strip” by David Benbennick – Own work. Full article: