May 13th, 2016 | Applications, Company News


Laser Quantum has recently been a partner in the EU framework 7 project – Metrocomb – which has now successfully concluded.

With  partner organisations; Heriot Watt University, LO Laseroptik GmbH, Raicol Crystals, Radiant Light SL, Universite de Neuchatel, Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd, and M-Squared Lasers, the Metrocomb project aimed to  develop frequency comb based spectroscopy systems offering unprecedented detection sensitivity and measurement accuracy.

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In this brief overview we would like to highlight the 6 publications which resulted from the project.

1 GHz harmonically pumped femtosecond optical parametric oscillator frequency comb. K. Balskus, S.M. Leitch, Z. Zhang, R.A. McCracken, D.T. Reid, Optics Express, Vol. 23, Issue 2

This paper presents the 1st example of a femtosecond optical parametric oscillator frequency comb harmonically pumped by a Laser Quantum gigajet Ti:Sapphire laser with a repetition rate of 333 MHz to achieve a stabilised signal comb at 1 GHz mode spacing in the 1.1-1.6 µm wavelength band.

Read the full paper here.

Observations of complex frequency comb structure in a harmonically-pumped femtosecond optical parametric oscillator. R.A. McCracken, K. Balskus, Z. Zhang, D.T. Reid, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 594.

In this paper the team at Heriot Watt utilise a 100 MHz Ti:Sapphire pump laser to compare 2 optical parametric oscillator architectures which can generate 300 MHz pulses.

Read the full paper here.

Mode-resolved 10 GHz frequency comb from a femtosecond optical parametric oscillator. Z. Zhang, K. Balskus, R.A. McCracken, D.T. Reid, Optics Letters, Vol.40, Issue 12

By filtering the 333 MHz OPO frequency comb, generated with the Laser Quantum gigajet as the source as previously reported, with a Fabry-Perot cavity a 10 GHz frequency comb has been generated. The 10 GHz comb was directly stabilised to the incident fundamental comb. The resultant broad tuning range of the mode-resolved OPO frequency comb is expected to open up future opportunities in precise frequency metrology and high precision spectroscopy.

Read the full paper here.

Atomically referenced 1 GHz optical parametric frequency comb, R.A. McCracken, K. Balskus, Z. Zhang, D.T. Reid, Optics Express, Vol.23, Issue 12

The use of a 1 GHz Ti:Sapphire laser, the Laser Quantum gigajet, to pump an OPO frequency comb whose repetition and offset frequencies are referenced to Rb-stabilised electronic and laser oscillations is reported. This technique results in fully stabilised combs from both the gigajet Ti:Sapphire and the OPO with sub-MHz-comb-tooth linewidths, mutli-hour locking stability and without the need for supercontinuum generation. This new absolutely traceable and wide comb spacing system opens up several areas if interest including high-resolution spectroscopy and astrophotonic spectrograph calibration.

Read the full paper here.

Mid-infrared 333 MHz frequency comb continuously tunable from 1.95 to 4.0 µm, K. Balskus, Z. Zhang, R.A. McCracken, D.T. Reid, Optics Letters, Vol.40, Issue 17

Reporting a 333 MHz femtosecond optical parametric oscillator, which utilises the Laser Quantum 333 MHz gigajet as the pump source, which carrier envelope offset stabilisation was achieved with a locking technique that allows the idler comb to be tuned continuously over the mid-IR range 1.95 to 4.0 µm.

Read the full paper here.

Femtosecond optical parametric oscillator frequency combs, Y. Kobayashi, K. Torizuka, A. Marandi, R.L. Bayer, R.A. McCracken, Z. Zhang, D.T. Reid, Journal of Optics, Vol.17, No.9

This review paper highlights the fundamental principles of phase control with specific regard to the development of singly and doubly degenerate OPO frequency combs. In addition practical examples of combs are given covering applications such as spectroscopy, metrology, quantum computation and astrophotonics.

Read the full paper here.