August 22nd, 2019 | Applications, Company News

Latest PLIM research released

In a recent scientific paper published in the Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences by The Core Imaging Facility at the University of Ulm, the use of fast repetition rate fs pulsed lasers is investigated to advance PLIM (phosphorescence lifetime imaging) microscopy. PLIM is traditionally carried out with 80 MHz Ti:Sapphire lasers, however this paper highlights the successful application of  250 MHz repetition rate lasers with 50 fs pulse duration offering reduced invasiveness and better comparability to standard CW light treatments. The measurements with the 250 MHz laser correlate well with measurements under excitation with conventional 80 MHz laser sources.

Laser Quantum is particularly excited to see the paper, as it is a result of the collaboration between the University of Ulm and Laser Quantum with the helixx laser, a 250 MHz rep rate laser providing 50 s pulse rate and more than 2.3 W average power. The wavelength is also tuneable between 720 nm and 920nm.

Read the complete paper here:

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