February 23rd, 2015 | Company News

Laser Quantum’s Photonics West Success

Last week Laser Quantum showcased their ultrafast lasers and continuous wave products and technologies on their new, unique booth. We were pleased to attract lots of attention surrounding our sub 5fs venteon lasers (venteon ultra, venteon cep and venteon dual) at the ever-growing Photonics West show in the US, and we were constantly busy meeting both new and existing customers. Our new taccor tune, variable wavelength hands free laser, with an output bean that can be controlled between 740 and 880nm via a simple touch screen panel is unique to the market and created a buzz amongst visitors and a focal point for many discussions. The continuous wave laser range, gem, finesse, opus and torus, displayed on the innovative Q design, emphasised the broad range of Laser Quantum’s lasers. Another product highlight was the venteon OPCPA system, an amplifier system with high pulse energy, short pulse duration and high repetition rates and the ability for CEP stabilisation, the ideal source for nonlinear spectroscopy or high harmonic generation. We took great delight in touring visitors around the booth and highlighting the new features of our products. We were especially proud of the interest for the new HASSP system which is a time-domain THz transmission spectrometer with 1GHz spectral resolution and a spectral coverage in excess of 6THz for scientific applications. Thank you to all those who were able to join us at the show, we look forward to exhibiting again in Munich, June 2015.