November 22nd, 2017 | Company News

Laser Quantum’s Continued International Expansion

Laser Quantum was recently featured in an article written by Insider Media, which highlighted the benefits of royal recognition and its influence on international expansion for the winners of Queen’s award for enterprise 2017. Each award presented is valid for 5 years, Laser Quantum has won the award for International Trade both in 2012 and again this year. Read more about how Laser Quantum has benefitted from winning the Queen’s award::

On maintaining steady international growth

Laser Quantum was extremely proud to be a Queen’s Award winner in the International Export category. As a manufacturer of world-class continuous wave and ultrafast lasers, Laser Quantum is continuing to grow and aims to double its growth over the next three years. Laser Quantum is investing in staff, processes and systems for the future to help sustainably maintain the growth it has always delivered.


On opportunities as a Queen’s Award winner

Winning the Queen’s Award has been an outward recognition of the quality of our products. It is a physical reminder of the hard work and effort of our employees and of our impressive growth over the past 5 years. Having this acknowledgment and the prestige associated to the award has furthered the trust that both suppliers and customers alike have in Laser Quantum.


On targeting new markets

Laser Quantum is continually exploring new markets and is currently expanding its growth within Asia, particularly China and Japan. It is able to provide leading technology such as the OPCPA and the shortest commercially available pulse from our venteon ultra laser. Developing this leading technology supports the cutting-edge research in scientific institutions within these markets. Laser Quantum is also looking to take its extremely robust and reliable lasers to the industrial market to support projects here.

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