May 26th, 2016 | Applications, Company News

Laser Quantum’s collaboration makes national news with innovative new instrument

We are very excited to have recently featured in the national news and on university and industry websites, surrounding a recent publication. Our collaboration with the University of Manchester and the University of Cambridge has resulted in the publication ‘Terahertz cyclotron resonance spectroscopy of an AlGaN/GaN heterostructure using a high-field pulsed magnet and an asynchronous optical sampling technique’, published May 23, which has captured the interest of the science world.

The enthusiasm sparked is due to the innovation detailed in the paper, whereby the asynchronous optical sampling technique was utilised with a high-field pulsed magnet and Laser Quantum’s taccor lasers, which resulted in a newly designed and built tabletop instrument used to measure effective mass, sheet carrier concentration and mobility of electrons in semiconductor samples.

This instrument can be easily moved between institutions, whereas previously these measurements had to be undertaken at large, specialist facilities, such as the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Florida and New Mexico.

This collaboration highlights the benefits of academic-industry partnerships, where each partner brings expertise and knowledge which, when combined leads to advancement of scientific research.

Congratulations to all those involved in this research, we look forward to reporting on subsequent findings in time to come.

Please visit the University of Manchester’s website to read the full press release:

Please click here to read the full paper.