May 11th, 2016 | Applications, Company News

Laser Quantum lasers help investigate greener fuels

The ventus 532 and finesse 532 continuous wave lasers from Laser Quantum have been used to investigate biofuels evaporation dynamics. In this whitepaper, two techniques are reported to study biofuel single droplets; the first is Electrodynamic Balance (EDB) which used the ventus 532, an ideal laser for such an application due to its fully controllable output power and power stability at <0.4% RMS, whilst maintaining a pointing stability of <10µrad/˚C. The second technique utilised the finesse 532 in an optical tweezers arrangement. The finesse was able to trap the particles and hold them for significant time periods due to its M2 of <1.1 and its use of PowerLoQ™, an active power feedback technology, that delivers an unrivalled power stability of <0.1% RMS. The combination of these two techniques has provided a further understanding of biofuels at a single droplet level and knowledge that biofuel blends create less harmful emissions than pure fossil fuels, leading to environmental benefits.

Read our whitepaper for full details.

The paper citation for the whitepaper is: Corsetti, S. et al 2015 Dec 24. Probing the Evaporation Dynamics of Ethanol/Gasoline Biofuel Blends Using Single Droplet Manipulation Techniques. J Phys Chem A. Vol119(51). Pp 12797-804.