October 13th, 2017 | Company News

Laser Quantum at Female-led Nonlinear Optical Microscopy meetings

Dr. Andreas Isemann from Laser Quantum Germany, recently took part in the meetings at FINON, a female research network which aims to develop Nonlinear Optical Microscopy (NOM) techniques into the nano-dimension, and an Innovative Training Networks (ITN) project.

In this final meeting, Kathrin Domke (MPIP, GER) chaired the session, the overall goal of the project was ‘Looking beyond the diffraction limit – nanoprobes tool development benchmarking molecular and metallic nanostructures applications in biological and materials science’. Several sets of research/presentations were given on the following topics:

  1. Paola Borri (Cardif, UK): Research on both Nanoscopy development (Four wave mixing heterodyne interferometry and Interface sensitive SHG) and molecular suprastructures. Research also included nanoparticles in live cells.
  2. Sophie Brasslet (Institut Fresnel): Research on metallic nanostructures.
  3. Anna Forslöw (AZ): Research on cell studies of molecular suprastructure
  4. Katrin Domke: Research on fuel cell membranes and molecular suprastructures.

The research produced by all 4 presenters was highly informative, originating from a range of institutes. Andreas thoroughly enjoyed meeting the presenters and learning about their research.

There were also three key talks during this meeting, the first of which detailed Biophotonics Raman and the dynamics of microtubule and SHG imaging by Marie Didier (EPFL, group Silvie Roke), the proceeding talk highlighted Probing water in proton exchange membranes to create fuel cells by Talk Xiao Lling, (MPIP, group Kathrin Domke), whilst the third talk by Alexandra Paul (Chalmers) raised the issue of obesity as a larger cause of death than hunger and used Raman Spectroscopy to look at both brown and white adipose tissue.

Katrin Domke is considering new Innovative Training Newtowrks (ITN) for continued work. You can learn more about FINON at or read about more of Laser Quantum’s active role in promoting women in physics here.