July 31st, 2015 | Company News

Laser Quantum collaborate with EU funded, female physics project

The physics world is male dominated and according to the American Institute of Physics, only 20% of the total US doctorates in physics, 2013, were completed by females*. Although this percentage of female physicists is slowly on the increase, it is still a long way off 50%. As an opportunity to encourage females in physics, an EU funded project is underway. Dr Katrin Domke from the Max-Planck Institute has received an Initial Training Network (ITN) grant and conceptualised a project called ‘Female Investigators in Nonlinear Optical Nanoscopy (FINON)’. This female research network aims to ‘develop Nonlinear Optical Microscopy (NOM) techniques into the nano-dimension.’ In additional to the 6 female project leads across Europe, FINON are also working with 8 international partners including Venteon, the newest Laser Quantum acquisition, in order to exchange research and network throughout Europe. The key focus areas of the project are: Hierarchical structures of amyloid peptides and other biomolecules; Nonlinear emission by metallic nanoparticles/holes/antennas as potential nanophotonic devises; Stem cell differentiation and metabolic expression in a 3D tissue model for drug screening; Physic-chemical processes in fuel cell membranes. Laser Quantum is excited to work with a diverse research group and build up new collaborations across Europe, whilst promoting female role models in physics. To find out more, please visit: *Statistics taken from: