March 9th, 2017 | Company News

The laser engineer: A role for both men and women

Yesterday we celebrated International women’s day and, working in the physics sector, we know the industry tends to be very male-dominated. At Laser Quantum, however, all our roles are equally suited to men or women. If you were to walk around our world-class labs, you would find a healthy balance of male and female laser engineers. All fully qualified in the key skills; the dexterity to build lasers, the understanding and determination to meet quality control procedures and the foresight to develop our continuous improvement programme. Encouraging women into physics is something Laser Quantum is keen to support and it takes on numerous initiatives to develop this early interests. Natasha Mupasi, the laser team manager at Laser Quantum, explains how she has developed her career from a laser engineer to laser team manager at Laser Quantum.

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