July 2nd, 2015 | Company News

Investigation of ultrafast processes with femtosecond lasers

The Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Budapest undertake research involving femtosecond laser development, ultrafast light-matter interactions and plasmonics. The group have achieved some notable achievements; 1992 the generation of attosecond XUV pulses were proposed and more recently, for the first time, demonstrating that extremely short wave-packets can be propagated not just as a laser pulse but as electromagnetic waves confined to metal surfaces. Femtosecond lasers can be used to measure physical, chemical and biological processes and the investigations and developments achieved at the Wigner Research Centre all serve to benefit the wider scientific community. A future aim is to investigate ultrafast processes on unique metallic nanostructures and on functional molecules, these investigations will support development in light harvesting systems and switchable molecules. For more information please visit: Or read the full scientific publication: